Sunday, 25 March 2012

App of the Week: Flashlight

The first time I saw the Flashlight App I thought it was goofy, but I downloaded it anyway. Because the AppSmitten Newsletter told me it was cool, and I listen to AppSmitten. The "How-To" is pretty self-explanatory. What's not evident on first download is how often you'll use it. Like when you drop your keys in the theatre (at the movie that you learned about on Flixster - see, it call comes together!) or you get halfway up the stairs and your loving spouse turns off the light. It's a simple but effective way to shed a little light on things. Ha! Me so punny.

From the App Store description:

Flashlight uses the LED light on iPhone 4 and fills your screen with bright white light to illuminate your world when you find yourself in a dark spot or concert.

- Use LED light on iPhone 4, including as a strobe light
- Full white screen
- Open to the effect of your choice
- Custom color (defaults to Bondi Blue)
- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen
- Slide with two fingers to change the speed of effects
- Customize every screen and colors

How do I find out about the latest and greatest in cool apps? OK, this one isn't necessarily "cool," but it sure is handy... Anyway, it's the appSmitten newsletter, a free service that picks the world's finest apps and  delivers them right to my inbox. Pick the device, pick the categories you want to hear about and poof! There they are. Want a summary of your very own? Sign up for the appSmitten newsletter today!

Disclosure: This review is not sponsored by Flashlight. However, I am an AppSmitten affiliate. If you sign up for the newsletter using the link provided, I earn a small commission.

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  1. I have an app that shines from a point on the back of my phone. I love it!