Friday, 9 March 2012

App of the Week: Cook's Illustrated - The Best of Everything

Since I post weeknight recipes and meal plans every week on Life with a Parasite - The Facebook Page, you might guess I'm a big fan of all things food. That guess would be correct! When my AppSmitten newsletter arrived this week with the subject line "The best of everything food related" I could barely contain my excitement. Especially when I saw the Cook's Illustrated app.

If you're not a PBS geek, you might not know the wonder of America's Test Kitchen, and that's too bad for you because it's pure foodie gold. They test recipes, gadgets and kitchen wares to share the best and the best value with viewers. The app puts that body of knowledge into your phone! From the website:
  • 50 of our all-time best recipes, covering appetizers and main courses to side dishes, breakfasts, and desserts
  • Browse recipes by cuisine or category
  • Recipe overview videos for every recipe
  • Dozens of taste test reviews for supermarket ingredients
  • Shopping list feature expandable to accommodate additional items
  • Start and manage multiple kitchen timers
  • Organize recipes and ingredient reviews in your “Favorites”
  • Share free recipes and ingredient reviews via email or Facebook
AND! If you already subscribe to (and of course I do!), you get enhanced access:
  • Members can log in to access all members-only recipes and ingredient reviews
  • Favorites content automatically synched up with members' Favorites content organized online
So far my favourite feature is the ability to add items directly from the ingredient list to the shopping list. *Love* I can't wait to get to know this app better. I think we're going to be the very best of friends.

Disclosure: This review is not sponsored by Cook's Illustrated. However, I am an AppSmitten affiliate. If you sign up for the newsletter (and you should, because you learn about awesome apps) using the links provided, I earn a small commission.


  1. There are some great apps out there. I'm exciting to try the new kitchen gadget I bought today at the Women's Show.


  2. wow, I am now convinced about this appsmitten because of you. You really knew how to stir the interest of other moms! Have a great week! xo

    I am now a follower:-)