Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review of Hotel Marseilles, Miami Beach

The scenario: Two moms, husbands at home with the kids, four days of sleeping, eating, drinking and shopping.
The requirements: Warmer than here (which is Canada in the winter, so you know, pretty easy);  flight not too long; preferably in the same time zone because we both had to go to work the day after we returned and jetlag sucks.
The destination: South Beach, baby!

I had been to South Beach with The Husband back when he was The Boyfriend for a few days before a cruise and loved it, and it met all of our destination needs so we booked a cheap flight and set to picking a spot where we could recharge our batteries while someone else wiped runny noses. We didn't want to have a car, so we had to stay somewhere close to where we were going to spend the majority our time.

View from the room
When it comes to hotels, I'm not that picky. I want it clean and bug-free, I want it quiet, and I want it near the places I want to be. The Marseilles Miami Beach Hotel seemed to fit the bill. It's a little tired looking, but they are renovating, so they're aware things need fixing and they're working to fix them. The pool area is lovely, and the staff at the bar is very friendly. The food at the restaurant, Cafe Vincent, is OK. I wouldn't recommend it as a destination if you're staying at another hotel, but if you're already staying there it's passable.

The floor we stayed on had not yet been renovated. The room itself (Room 617), well... Let's start with the good:
  • The beds were comfortable
  • Housekeeping was prompt and the towels were adequately stocked
  • The shampoo, soaps and lotions were nice
  • The bathroom was tiny and dated, but clean
And now... the not so good:
  • I usually remove hotel bed spreads just because, but the first night we were there we couldn't find the extra blankets and were both too tired to care. In the light of day we were horrified by the thought that those nasty, stained, smelly bed spreads had possibly touched our faces as we slept. *shudder* The next night we found the blankets in a closet and shoved the bedspreads as far under the bed as possible. 
  • Broken tiles in the shower enclosure were replaced, but obviously with the remnants of a contractor's other job. It was almost comical, and something you'd expect in a cheap, roadside motel, not in a place that bills itself as a fine establishment half a block away from the Ritz.
  • There was a coffee maker in the room, but nowhere to plug it in other than pulling a chair up to an outlet several feet away, and only one of the plugs in that outlet worked. 
  • The windows were very old and only a single pane, so the noise from around South Beach just streamed in. They also didn't open, which was disappointing because I would have loved to let that salty air into the room at night.
Other than the filthy (and I do mean filthy) bed spreads, the room was serviceable. We saw the floors under renovation and it looks like a total gut job, right down to the studs. The location is fantastic, the pool and the beach area are lovely and the price was right - at least by South Beach standards. If you asked me if I'd stay there again, I'd say only if the renovations were complete and they'd had a bonfire with those horrible things on the beds. And changed the cleaning products used in the lobby, because the smell of them is just oppressive. But then the price will probably go up, so we'd be right back to a pretty firm no. If you have any questions about our stay, please feel free to email me.

Happy travels!

This is not a sponsored post, no compensation has been received. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Good to know. I won't be going there. Just the thought of the filthy bedspreads and the smelly lobby... No thanks.

  2. Oh the thought of those bedspreads just made me sit here and shudder! Excellent review.

  3. I've been to South Beach. What a shame there were dirty bed spreads and a stinky lobby. A Great Review!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  4. eeew nope i won't be going there anytime soon either! LOL you should really submit this one !!

  5. Dirty bedspreads would really give me the willies. I'd spend way too much time wondering how often they laundered anything. *shivers*