Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Tale of Many Strollers - Part Two

When I was pregnant, I was naive enough to think that one stroller would do me from cradle to solo walking. Silly me! The Parasite is nearly three and we're about to retire her collection of strollers as we make her walk on her own to hither and yon. The following is a review of the second stroller we used in our "pushing a kid around" career, with reviews of the rest to follow soon.

2. Chicco Ct 0.6 Umbrella Stroller Grade: A
For our first family vacation, we wanted a stroller that was easily transported. Umbrella strollers are cheap and very portable, but they're also kind of a pain for anyone over 5' tall to walk with as you constant find yourself kicking the wheels. After doing some homework, we settled on the Chicco Ct 0.6. As umbrella strollers, the nearly $100 we spent on it was steep, but it was totally worth it. It's nice and tall so the wheel-kicking is all but eliminated and The Husband, who is nearly a foot taller than me, doesn't have to Quasimodo himself to push it.

It folds up in a snap, the adjustable canopy could be moved quickly to shield super fair baby skin from the harsh sun, and it really is as light as they say. We have taken it on several trips and when we're not gallivanting to far away lands it is stored in the trunk of the car so we have it on hand for places that are more of a walk than we anticipated. This means grocery bags and other heavy items are chucked on top of it all the time, and there has been no damage to the body of the stroller in spite of the beating. It even has a storage basket under the seat, allowing us to carry everything you need for a day trip with a growing child in the stroller.

We're urban and needed the storage capacity of a bigger stroller for grocery shopping so this couldn't be our one and only, but I am far more impressed by the durability and longevity of our little Chicco than I was with our vastly more expensive I'coo. I highly RECOMMEND the Chicco Ct 0.6.

Stay tuned for my review of the next stroller in our considerable collection. Until then, happy strolling!

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