Monday, 2 January 2012

A Tale of Many Strollers - Part One

When I was pregnant, I was naive enough to think that one stroller would do me from cradle to solo walking. Silly me! The Parasite is nearly three and we're about to retire her collection of strollers as we make her walk on her own to hither and yon. The following is a review of the first stroller we used in our "pushing a kid around" career, with a reviews of the rest to follow in the coming days.

1. The I'coo Targo Grade: F
I fell in lust with this stroller while my belly was big with child. A German engineered ride for my unborn one? He-She deserved no less! I thought the I'coo would take my baby AND a sibling all the way to walking. For what we paid for it, we should have had a stroller that would last through the ages. I should have read the reviews. The hood really was too short to protect a baby from the sun and converting it from the infant bassinet to the stroller was an utter pain. But those were small issues I could live with for a stroller that was super smooth and easy to manoeuvre in crowded store aisles.  

The REAL problem came in December 2010 when The Husband was bringing her back in from a walk. On the way up the stairs, the two plastic pieces that held the frame to the wheels broke and the stroller collapsed with my baby in it. Luckily she was unhurt!  

Pro Tip: Never buy a stroller with plastic pieces holding the frame together.

I contacted Customer Service and was told it's a one year warranty, my only option was to buy a new frame. That replacement frames are even available for sale should tell you all you need to know...

Even before it broke I didn't LOVE this stroller. Were it just the little details like the cover or the conversion from bassinet to upright, I wouldn't have a huge problem. But because of the obvious safety issues with materials used to build the frame and the lack of customer service support when the chips were down, this I'coo Targo gets a big old DO NOT BUY from me.

Stay tuned for reviews of the other strollers that form our considerable collection. Until then, happy strolling!

This is not a sponsored post, no compensation has been received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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